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Mobile - Tap n talk marketing with Pay Per Call 

  Tap n Talk Marketing

People using their phones to search often want to locate something quickly, and Click to Call offers them a one-step option to get in touch with your business immediately.

With Click to Call, you set up ads that allow customers to simply click the business phone number from their mobile phone.  The phone number is  listed on the ad.  Itís so easy that a shopper is much more likely to call you than a competitor whose number isnít as readily available.

Pay per call allows third party marketers (or affiliates) to earn commissions when a caller clicks a phone number and the phone call meets certain requirements.  In our testing we have found the conversion rates are much higher when using "pay per call" strategies as compared to traditional internet marketing methods. Sometimes as high as 20% - 40% or higher.

Click to call and pay per call is  a profitable new frontier for businesses as well as for affiliate marketers. Soon we will  be adding content on  pay per call strategies, networks, test result,  tips on what works and more. One such tip, when bidding on keywords for ads targeted to smart phones, use "immediate action" type of  keywords, or keywords a caller would use in an emergency.

We have already seen CPC costs rise dramatically over the past year. Is Pay Per Call affiliate marketing just another fad?  I don't think so.



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